Senator Adam Hinds’ Small Business Spotlight

Meet Andrew Crane and Nick Whalen the owners of Shire Breu-Hous in Dalton, Massachusetts. I visited them today, just before their opening this Friday. Every corner in their place is an ode to local materials and work, from an old tree on family property that now makes up the bar and tables to famous local marble. The $700,000 they spent on renovations […]

“The Factory” Gala Update

IS183 Art School’s “The Factory” Gala on Saturday, May 20 will Celebrate (and Support!) Art-making in the Berkshires   PHOTOS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST   BERKSHIRE COUNTY AND BEYOND—(April 5, 2017)—Known for being the most imaginative party of the season, this year IS183’s gala event, The Factory,  mash-up mixes the foiled flair of Warhol’s pop art, […]