KAMI-RA principle, David Williams, is a 35 year veteran of the photographic and digital fine art paper industry and specializes in new product and market development, project management, and quality systems.  Following a degree in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University, Mr. Williams began his career doing new specialty paper product development which led to product, market, and sales management positions at Felix Schoeller Technical Papers, Crane & Co., and InteliCoat Technologies.  For the past 7 years, he has exclusively focused on new business development in North America for Innova Art Ltd. where he is currently the Global Supply Chain & Quality Manager.


The name KAMI-RA gives a hint that this business is in the photo industry.  KAMI is a Japanese word meaning divine but also is used to refer to paper.  RA is the Sun God in Egyptian mythology which is considered to be the Creative Power.  KAMI-RA is the creative power of paper.

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Innova Art is a leading manufacturer of Digital Fine Art Papers and Display Systems used by fine art photographers, artists, and enthusiasts. Innova offers archival quality papers, canvas, and cards stocks that can be used with inkjet technology having aqueous, solvent, latex, or UV inks.  Visit www.InnovaArt.com for more information.

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Beginning in 2017, Mr. Williams will also support Innovation Technology Coatings driving programs from development through to commercialization.  ITC is a specialty coating development company offering services of design and manufacturing of coatings for paper, film, and textile substrates used for digital printing, tag & label, imaging, and industrial applications.  Visit www.itcoatings.co.uk for more information.

Mr. Williams is also Chair of the Berkshire Section of the American Society for Quality.  ASQ is a global community of people passionate about quality, who use the tools, their ideas and expertise to make our world work better.  ASQ: The Global Voice of Quality.  Visit www.asq.org for more information.

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