Let’s take a walk down memory Lane
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Back row – Steve Sears, Maria Cruz, Lisa Guthrie, Abe Guthrie; Front row – Greg Geyer, Jay Bell

Our Mission

To create a space / nucleus for development that enables creativity and diversity to build a sustainable community where people can bring their dreams to reality.

Our Story

Currently 25 tenants are established in our space including; Arts & Entertainment, Food, Wellness, Manufacturing, Retail and more. Local entrepreneurs continue to develop their businesses in a collaborative environment. With the pandemic behind us we are back in full swing and continuing to grow.

2020 - 2023

The Pandemic Years. Despite the challenges in 2022, our tenants rebounded. Silver Bear Distillery turned expired beer into community hand sanitizer. We welcomed new retail, wellness, and artistic ventures. Upgrades, including a revamped freight elevator, enhanced accessibility across all floors. Notable projects: two roof upgrades, a new entrance, and a top-floor renovation for LympheDivas’ relocation. A resilient transformation, shaping our dynamic space.

2017 - 2020

Evolution of the Events Venue

The Big Room’s evolution, guided by many talented sound and lighting engineers, unfolds into a vibrant entertainment venue with a spacious kitchen. Our community witnessed world-class performances and celebrated diverse events—galas, weddings, corporate gatherings. Each modification tells a tale of creativity and community connection, weaving the building’s history into a rich tapestry of shared experiences.

Growth. Undergoing a transformative phase, our infrastructure projects revitalized the space. Updated accessible restrooms, refurbished floors, and a revamped electrical system laid the foundation. Enter Silver Bear Distillery and Shire Breu Hous, a nano brewery and restaurant, flourishing in this evolved environment. Public demand for event hosting soared, drawn to the charm of our ‘post-industrial’ setting. In March 2017, the Stationery Factory Events business emerged, marking a new era of dynamic gatherings.

2015 - 2017

2013 - 2015

The Beginning. 

In July 2013, the building became ours, once home to Crane’s Stationery division. As Crane consolidated, remnants of equipment lingered, a testament to the past. Seeking vibrant tenants, we envisioned a grocery or health food haven. RBD Electronics, our first major tenant, swiftly occupied existing office spaces, expanding to the basement with a dedicated loading dock. They stand as a cornerstone today. Entrepreneurs and artists soon joined, renting offices and studios. Many endure, evolving from small spaces to thriving enterprises.

1889 - 2013

Building History.

The ‘South Room,’ crafted in 1889 as Dalton Shoe Company’s cornerstone, illuminated handwork with ample windows. Business prosperity birthed the ‘North Room’ expansion in the mid-1890s. 

Early 1900s saw the Spark Coil Company repurpose it for manufacturing automobile starter coils. In 1922, Crane acquired the building, birthing the ‘Stationery Factory’ to amend paper products from local mills. The ’30s ushered a 4-story addition along Willis St., with modern amenities like an automated sprinkler system.

1981 brought a 35,000 sqft, two-floor addition engineered by Hill Engineering, elevating space and updating electrical and HVAC systems. Crane thrived here until their move in July 2013 to Excelsior Process & Engraving on Curran Highway in North Adams, MA.


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