Our Mission
The Stationery Factory strives to create community and commerce in the Berkshires.


The Stationery Factory is a converted industrial building that most recently housed the former Crane & Co. stationery division. 
We are now the home of over 20 local businesses and artisans, including a major event and performance space called Stationery Factory Events or Stationery Factory MainStage. We are located in the heart of beautiful Berkshire County of western Massachusetts.

Copious time and effort were dedicated to refining the sound, lighting and stage of the Stationery Factory Events performance space or MainStage.  The result being a spectacular sight, sound, and dancing experience.
If you are attending a ballet, stage performance, concert, or private event with a live band you will appreciate the attention paid to the sonic and lighting attributes.
The  Stationery Factory Events has 3 different function rooms with a current capacity of 867, and a commercial kitchen. In addition to our various public events - banquets, weddings, craft fairs, corporate gatherings and parties are all easily accommodated. 
63 Flansburg Ave. Dalton, MA 01226
(413) 659-6299