Our Mission
The Stationery Factory strives to create community and commerce in the Berkshires.


We purchased the Stationery Factory with the intent of developing the site into a thriving quality oriented marketplace and small business location for the community. Although Dalton has many desirable attributes, we feel that opportunity exists to bring other experiences to life.

Many local residents travel to distant locations for marketplace experiences that can be found at the Stationery Factory now or will be available in the near future.

12931179_1696438500573818_2827655615348369585_n The Stationery Factory at Night
13438995_10153170113804364_295228456525942236_n Pre-finished Floors
19145892_1868721003345566_2474578940139639581_n Polished Concrete in The Big Room
22448315_1915744738643192_7658644971487839310_n Current Art Exhibit - Tobin Trifecta
63 Flansburg Ave. Dalton, MA 01226
(413) 659-6299
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