Event Spaces

Event Spaces

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IMG_2535-01 The South Room
a1-f1-m1387-9A776274-9080-40F0-B8EF-6FD1DAA0A18E-01 The Gallery
IMG_2532-01 The Big Room
21740290_10154279695074364_8339742713810114891_n The North Room
20171030_162115-01 The Gallery
IMG_2747 The North Room
IMG_2757 The Big Room
IMG_2753 The South Room
30226835_10204577010460637_5963600118136438784_n The Big Room
31353696_10204641726278492_4718651070832705536_n Arrow on Stage

Our Rooms

We have 3 rooms available for events —The Big Room, The North Room, and The South Room. Please contact us about pricing, as every event is unique.

The Big Room

The Big Room is our largest room, with over 10,000 square feet, that can seat over 500, and hold 700+ standing.
It has variable staging options and is the home of our state of the art sound system.

The North Room

The North room is approximately 3500 square feet, with a capacity 0f 220 people seated and up to 300 people standing.
You can utilize this room on it's own as a unique space to hold your event, or you can use it in conjunction with our other rooms.

The South Room

The South Room is a beautiful industrial chic room that lives in the oldest part of our building.  It has windows that face east, south and west, and can hold up to 250 people seated and 330 people standing.
It's best suited for events on the quite side as the brewery resides just underneath it.

Booking Inquiries

Our rooms include tables and chairs for up to 300 people, trash disposal, and a separate space for the caterer.  Please click below to place an inquiry.




63 Flansburg Ave. Dalton MA 01226